Customer Missions: IT Equipment

Work digitally: The latest IT devices - cleverly and sustainably financed

Digitalization fuels efficiency and innovation, and your IT equipment is pivotal. To stay ahead and realize your company's full potential, you must keep pace with new developments.

Our approach is simple: use, don't own. We'll keep your IT equipment current and aligned with your business goals, saving you money over time. With our tailored usage concept, we not only keep your technology up to date but also reduce your total cost of ownership.

As your technology and financing partner, we work with you to develop a tailor-made technology usage concept independent of manufacturers and banks. From procurement to end-of-use, we offer technological and commercial expertise for maximum economic success and operational efficiency that contributes to your sustainability goals.

Unlock the full potential of your possibilities with us.

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Our customers face unique challenges, each requiring a tailored approach. By deeply understanding our customers' goals and the challenges they commonly face, we've pinpointed key themes that underpin our customer missions. Explore these missions to see if they resonate with your specific needs.

Maximize your budget when upgrading your IT

Avoid high upfront costs, create more liquidity and predictable cashflows

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Optimized IT operations: Free up time for core tasks

Relief or your IT department while keeping technology current

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Keep your IT assets under control across international borders

Efficient IT procurement and asset management on an international scale

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Embracing sustainability in your IT strategy

Making IT more sustainable, embracing circular computing and reducing your CO2 footprint

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"CHG-MERIDIAN is the right choice for us because it can guarantee a degree of flexibility that none of the other competitors were able to offer. Our choice of partner was therefore based not solely on financial viability – although this was a relevant factor – but also on commercial transparency."

Additional Services

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tesma is an all-in-one system for data that makes lifecycle management easier. The online platform helps you track and trace your technology equipment, control your costs and keep administrative burden to a minimum. tesma keeps your processes straightforward, paperless and convenient.

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klimaneutrales IT Leasing - carbonZER0
Carbon-neutral leasing

Carbon-neutral with carbonZER0

Sustainability has become a differentiating factor in the market. Thanks to carbonZER0, the production, transportation, use phase, and end-of-life phase of your CHG-MERIDIAN financed IT assets can now be carbon-neutral.

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eraSURE®: Certified data erasure

Our owned and partner Technology and Service Centres provide specially developed automated data erasure solutions that offer a high level of process reliability.

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End of Life Services


All the key information relating to returns and transportation can be found below.

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Device-as-a-service: flexible IT rental

Faced with overstretched IT systems, ever-shorter innovation cycles, and a growing appetite for digital workplaces, companies need a simple, flexible solution for international IT procurement. That solution is devicenow, our device-as-a-service model.

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