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Sustainable IT Usage Models

IT usage models, such as leasing and device-as-a-service (rental), offer clear benefits regarding an organisation’s sustainability compared to the traditional approach of purchasing. This whitepaper shares the findings of the Green IT study commissioned by CHG-MERIDIAN.
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Is the technology refresh dead?

Many employees across Australia and New Zealand are now adapting to a more permanent remote workplace model that depends on reliable, up-to-date technology. This also has implications for how obsolete technology is upgraded, with a shift toward employees being responsible for managing their own technology refresh, leading to the end of organisational technology refresh programs.
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CIO as an Entrepreneur

This whitepaper explains why common delivery models for IT infrastructure fail to provide the agility that companies require. It shows how greater transparency, flexibility and cost control become possible when IT assets and services are unbundled, while business interruption risk and accounting risk are eliminated.
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Procurement 2.0

Conventional IT procurement methods are complex, protracted, and take up a lot of resources. IT departments waste valuable time on installing new workplaces and maintaining the existing systems landscape – time that could be used to address important strategic matters. The complete digitalisation of procurement processes and the involvement of users via a self-service portal frees up time and increases user satisfaction.
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User Experience

A good user experience is an important factor in creating value and achieving success. It enables companies to keep employees happy, accelerate digital change processes, and improve business outcomes. A digital workplace journey makes this easier to achieve than you might think.
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Sustainable IT infrastructures ensure long-term success

Using rather than owning: A whitepaper about Circular Economy and the benefits of leasing or rental models with sustainable reuse of IT assets – including our carbon neutral financing option carbonZER0.
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Sustainable Procurement

The intelligent procurement, use, and remarketing of IT equipment allows companies to cut costs and be more resource-efficient and sustainable. This is a competitive factor that is growing in importance. Our whitepaper explains how you can ensure your IT procurement is sustainable AND cost-efficient.
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Solutions & Services

TESMA®: Asset Management Platform

TESMA® brings together commercial and technical information in a fully integrated approach. TESMA® provides a central database for all key business information and makes it available in real time. And that creates transparency.

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Invest in technology without blowing the budget

In comparison to classic financing, by relying on a payment method that is based on actual usage, companies can avoid high capital expenditure on IT equipment or on installing and running IT solutions and servers.